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At RIK•SHA Tacos, we aim to ignite cultural curiosity through bold, flavorful, and unpretentious food served with a smile in a vibrant and colorful setting.  Southeast Asian street food unites people from all corners of life to share a meal, a drink, a laugh in a communal setting.  We seek to bring our guests an addictive introduction to this flavorful food and connective culture.

We understand the culture of Asian Street Food can never be truly transported from the gritty and vibrant streets of Asia to our restaurant, but that is not our goal.  We seek to expand our guests' palates and experiences.  We hope by serving our take on Asian Street Food, inspired by our own journeys throughout Asia, that our guests are motivated to take their own journeys.  Whether that takes them across town to visit that overlooked restaurant or across the globe to visit the markets that inspired us...

...Simply stated; we love street food and the kaleidoscope of taste and culture that inspires it.  We understand our goals are lofty. However, if we end up serving our guests a great meal, kind service, in a colorful setting that they want to share with the people they love, well....that is a beautiful compromise.

We welcome you to RIK•SHA Tacos!