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Join the Rik•Sha Circle

We are purposefully predisposed to building a circle that includes good people from all walks of life.  What matters to us is that each person shares one overlapping commonality; a kind core. It is with a common kind core that we as the RIK•SHA circle will have a sense of security, acceptance and accomplishment --- as individuals and as a community.  If you think this approach to business and life excites you, drop us a line.

Our on-site interview process is quite different than most. We would like you to be prepared to answer questions similar to the following.  

1. Describe a hidden gem (restaurant, bar, park, etc) to us in Tallahassee and convince us why it is one.

2. Tell us about the most over the top (in a good way) restaurant experience you've had and what made it so special.

3. Share something with us about one of your passions/hobbies in the next few minutes.

4. If you had the chance, what advice would you give to your previous boss that would benefit his team?

5. You have a 3 song playlist that repeats all day.  What are the 3 songs?

6. There are plenty of jobs out there, why do you want to be with RIK•SHA?

To take the initial step please fill out a Snagajob application and please attach your resume below:

Team Member

Line Cook

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